Hamilton Beach Electric Spiralizer Review

I recently purchased the Hamilton Beach Electric Spiralizer and gave it a whirl.

I didn’t have high hopes for this because the reviews of this spiralizer on Amazon aren’t too great. A lot of people said that it plain didn’t work or that it was too hard to get it to work. I didn’t have those problems at all.

Once I figured out that both ends of the piece of zucchini need to be cut flat for it to work properly it was super easy to use. Just cut the zucchini (or whatever vegetable you want to spiralize) into two inch long pieces, cut both ends flat, and stick the zucchini into the middle of the spiralizer base. Switch on the power (high or low setting – it didn’t really doesn’t seem to make a difference which setting you use for spiralizing zucchini) and while pressing down on the zucchini with the presser apply gentle but steady pressure and watch in amazement as healthy zoodles come out at the bottom.

Hamilton Beach Electric Spiralizer
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The two best things about this electric spiralizer are how easy it is to clean and how fast it makes the noodles. There’s no hand cranking involved and if you make zucchini noodles frequently the hand cranking can get old. Another great thing about this product is that it is small and compact which means it won’t take up much room in your kitchen. When I first learned that you have to use two inch long pieces of zucchini I was worried that the noodles would be short but they are nice and long like spaghetti.

The only downside to this product, for me, is that the noodles it makes are not as thick or rounded as I would like. They’re perfect for making shoestring fries or noodle soups but not thick enough in my opinion for hearty noodle dishes like Zoodles and Meatballs or Fettuccine Alfredo. I wish that it came with a fourth blade so that we had the option to make slightly thicker noodles.

In addition to the spiralizer blade it comes with a grating blade and a ribbon cutter, both of which work just fine. The grater works better on hard cheeses and not so well on soft cheeses like mozzarella because a lot of the cheese gets mashed into the grater instead of getting grated.

Easy to use and clean
Makes noodles fast
Doesn’t take up much space

Might be frustrating if you don’t read the instructions.
Only makes one size noodle (in addition to the grater and ribbon settings).

Check the reviews of this spiralizer out on Amazon for more opinions before making your decision. People either love or hate this one but a lot of the negative reviews come from people not reading the instructions.

Here’s a video from Hamilton Beach to see it in action and how to use it:

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